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MODx CMS Hosting With Elcoserv


Elcoserv delivers the best MODx hosting environment. You can quickly get either MODx Evolution or MODx Revolution set up and running on our powerful web hosting plans. We fully support both versions of this fantastic content management system.

MODx comes in two different versions. MODx Revolution is the newest version of MODx which takes the basic content management system framework of the original MODx and gives you more tools for building custom websites and rich web applications. MODx Evolution is the core script that started it all and continues to be patch for top-notch performance and security. The choice is yours.

Elcoserv bring you the best place to host MODx Evolution and MODx Revolution. Here are several key features you will get when you sign up with Elcoserv.

Free Migration to Elcoserv – Have MODx installed at a different host? We will move every part of your website, file by file over to our hosting servers for free. It is just one of the many perks we offer our new web hosting customers.

Reliable Server Technology – Elcoserv’s shared web hosting plans can supply you with reasonable amounts of server resources and the best hardware on the market today. Each server utilizes 32 GB of RAM and RAID-10 protected hard disk space. PHP5 and MySQL PDO support are both recommended by MODx and come ready to use with Elcoserv hosting.

We have a lot to offer the MODx community when it comes to dependable shared web hosting you can trust. If you are still not convinced, you can always ask your questions directly to our support team– which are on 24/7 to help you learn more about our MODx hosting plans. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee too.

Come see why more and more developers are moving to MODx hosting from Elcoserv, its FREE for 30 days! Just use the coupon “FREETRIAL” during signup.