We are currently testing our fully managed VPS offering with the option of using SSD storage. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and these are much faster than normal hard drives.

So what is difference between a VPS with SSD drives vs a VPS with traditional hard drives?

IO & Disk Speed = Much Faster
SSD drives are much much faster than traditional hard drives. Which really speeds up performance of your entire VPS, because anything being written or read from the drive happens so much quicker.

Disk Space = A Little Less
The amount of space will be less since SSDs are smaller in size. For every 1GB of server memory you would receive around 30 to 35GB of disk space. These will still be in RAID 10 just like normal VPS as well for maximum disk redundancy.

Price = A Little More
They will cost more than normal hard drive based VPS given the increased cost of SSD drives. But we are working to keep that increase as small as possible.

Interested now and want a head start?

If you are interested please email contact@elcoserv.com with your info, if this is a new or existing vps, and questions. And we will give you pricing details too. Special pricing to the first 50 people who email!

Feel free to hit us up with any questions as well!