This is a critical priority warning for those who has built their websites on WordPress CMS.

According to our monitoring, we have detected there are many attempts to crack down your passwords to the WordPress Admin area.

Websites built on WordPress CMS are experiencing an attack.
Attackers are using scripts to guess login details to the wp-login.php page, so the result of this attack is huge consumption of resources, especially CPU limits.

You can prove it by visiting cPanel icon called “Latest Visitors” and you will see there thousands of visits to the page /wp-login.php

As a result of an overconsuming CPU resources, website will start work slower than usually. There is a possibility of “Resource usage limit reached” or “Internal server error” message will appear instead of the webpage. This means your account consumes much more than normaly should.

We strongly recommend you to install WordPress plugin called “Limit Login Attempts” or similiar to all WordPress sites you have within your account, or any other which secures and protects from such brute force attacks on your websites. More details on securing WordPress available on WordPress Codex.